Change The Way You Believe, And The Change Will Be Unbelievable.

JB Lewis


I knew from the time that I could first pick up a pencil, that I was destined to write. I always believed it would be some kind of novel with action, suspense and a great plot. However, as it turned out, writing was merely my tool so that I could receive these words as a gift from my Source, and then, turn around and give them to you. I hope you find whatever messages were intended for you within these pages. Your first message is:

You were born fully aware of Who You Really Are. Most people lose this awareness as lessons learned from those who raise us begin to take over our consciousness.

If we try, however, later in life when we become disciplined enough to quiet our minds and put aside the limited teachings of our society, we can reclaim that part of ourselves that has been merely tucked away.

Once your consciousness is awakened from its patient slumber, the world you always dreamed was possible will be waiting for you. If you change the way you believe, the change will be unbelievable.